Engaging With Children Who Have Been Sexually Abused in the AN/AI Population

The statistics of childhood sexual assault are alarming. Understand the disparaging, lifelong effects of childhood trauma and explore effective ways to help strengthen the natural resiliency of children.

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This webinar is an overview of facts and statistics regarding children/youth who may have experienced sexual abuse. How the impact of the trauma can follow them through life; discussing the efforts to help heal, lessening the impacts of the trauma. Strengthening their natural resiliency to help the child/youth move from victimization to survivor with a focus on Alaska Native/American Indian children/youth population.
  1. Have an overview of the alarming statistics of childhood sexual assault
  2. Understand the disparaging, lifelong effects of childhood trauma
  3. Explore effective ways to help strengthen the natural resiliency of children
Tamra (Tami) Truett Jerue, Alaska Native Women's Resource Center
Tamra Truett Jerue, an Anvik tribal member, currently resides in Fairbanks, Alaska. For the previous 28 years, she lived and worked in Anvik Alaska, a small Deg hit tan Athabascan community on the Yukon River. She is the mother of four children and the grandmother of five. She has worked in various capacities in the field of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and intersecting issues, over the last 40 plus years. Ms. Jerue’s education includes a Bachelor Degree in Social Work, Community Psychology and Secondary Education. She has been involved with many non-profit Boards over the years and has worked most of her professional life in rural Tribal Alaska, providing direct services in as Therapist, Sexual Assault Counselor, Teacher, Tribal Administrator, ICWA Social Worker, ICWA Social Work Trainer for the State of Alaska and tribes; and Tribal Director of Social Services. As an ICWA Social Worker and Director of Social Services, she managed a child protection team as well as developed and implemented a Youth Mentor Program focused on prevention of violence and substance abuse. She currently works as the Executive Director of the Alaska Native Women’s Resource Center. Her many experiences, and that of her family and friends, with Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, have kept Ms. Jerue passionate in helping facilitate change at a community level, within systems and families, to help survivors live violence free lives.
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