Safety for All: Addressing Intimate Partner Violence and Lethality

This webinar focuses on the nexus between intimate partner violence perpetrators and the danger they pose to their significant other, third parties and law enforcement. Examine high profile cases of intimate partner violence killers and successful implementation of lethality risk assessment in communities.

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This training will focus on the nexus between intimate partner violence perpetrators and the danger they pose to their significant other, third parties and law enforcement. It will look at the role lethality/risk assessments can play in mitigating the lethal violence committed by these individuals. And finally, it will highlight the enhancement of safety for all involved when programs collaborate with law enforcement to implement risk assessments as an integrated component of the community response to violence and abuse.
• Discuss the importance of lethality assessments.
• Identify the factors related to intimate partners, family members, third parties, and law enforcement killed by intimate partner violence abusers.
• Examine high profile cases of intimate partner violence killers.
• Describe methods for assessing risk and collaborating with community partners to enhance safety for everyone involved.
• Illustrate examples of successful implementation of lethality risk assessment in communities.
David R Thomas
Program Manager, International Association of Chiefs of Police

Dave Thomas is an IACP Program Manager primarily focusing on projects pertaining to the National Law Enforcement Leadership Initiative on Violence Against Women (funded by OVW), Identifying and Preventing Gender Bias in Law Enforcement Response to Victims Demonstration Initiative (funded by OVC), Integrity, Action, and Justice: Strengthening Law Enforcement Response to Domestic and Sexual Violence National Demonstration Initiative (funded by OVC), and Law Enforcement and the Communities They Serve: Supporting Collective Healing in the Wake of Harm Demonstration Initiative (funded by OVC) .

Mr. Thomas retired from the Montgomery County Police Department (MCPD) in December of 2000 on full disability after 15 years of service. He received his bachelors’ degree from Towson University, his masters’ degree from the University of Maryland, and a Certificate in Advanced Trauma Treatment from the Institute for Advanced Psychotherapy Training and Education. During his law enforcement career Mr. Thomas taught at the Police Training Academy, served on the S.W.A.T. team, was a Hostage Negotiator, and a member of the Domestic Violence Unit. In addition to helping create the Domestic Violence Unit, he was responsible for the department’s curriculum development in domestic violence training, as well as the policy development on domestic violence related issues. At the time of his retirement, he was honored to have been the 2nd highest decorated officer in the department’s history receiving numerous awards including the silver medal of valor, the bronze medal of valor, policeman of the year, and the Women’s Alliance of MD Domestic Violence Advocacy Award to name a few. Upon leaving the police department he served as a Senior Advisor to Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention Victim Services Unit as a Domestic Violence Specialist. In January of 2002 he signed on with the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Division of Public Safety Leadership where he served as the Program Administrator for Domestic Violence Education as well as teaching courses related to violence against women crimes in the Divisions Police Executive Leadership Program.

In addition to his teaching duties, Mr. Thomas worked with community stakeholders in the spirit of the coordinated community response to deliver training and technical assistance on issues pertaining to violence against women and violence against women crimes. These services were provided at the local, state, and national levels. Mr. Thomas has taught in the US Virgin Islands, and internationally in the Ukraine and Bulgaria. Mr. Thomas received the 21st Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Community Service Award from JHU in January 2004, was honored at the White House as a 2012 Champion of Change, and appointed by the White House to serve as a Public Delegate to the 2013 United Nations Commission on the Status of Women meetings held in New York City. Just prior to joining the staff of the IACP, Mr. Thomas served as the Senior Advisor, Highly Qualified Expert Law Enforcement, SES, to the U.S. Air Force Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office out of the Pentagon. Mr. Thomas continues to challenge himself in his quest to achieve excellence in the field and considers addressing violence against women his calling in life.
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